Our Company

In 1982, the horticulture and landscaping company was founded. First, with mostly private work on landscaping and gardening services for private clients. As the orders increased, the number of employees grew to reflect this, from originally just myself to 10-12 employees.

I have increased my client base, by securing new contracts for the city of Verden, Bremen and Achim. I applied to the USA company MCS , who are based in Frankfurt, and secured the creating of gardens for their locations in the whole of Northern Germany. I also undertook the planning and installation of their car parking for the same arrears.
I construsted large parts of the modern leisure park Verden, and park design for the Serengeti Park Walsrode. Also the redesign of the square of Achim, several interchanges of the Bremer Straßenbahn AG, extensive gardening work for the Hanover Airports Group, the consulting and design execution of 6 tennis courts in Düsseldorf Rhein stadium, horticulture work I look back on today with pride.

In 2002 was founded the company "Karlsen - Beautiful gardens”. Since then the motto and objectives shown in the name are intended to primarily appeal to residential clients.

We work with great dedication to ensure the successful implementation of this goal, "beautiful gardens". For you but also for us.To ensure efficiency , we use our own wheel loaders and excavators, to ellimiate any delays in our gardening projects.

New employees are initially trained on our own grounds with the basic practices of our sites. These include: a respectful relationship with our customers and their needs. We carry out our work with as little disruption as possible, ensuring all site clearence is completed.

Almost all of green plants are supplied as quoted, which creates trust, transparency and avoids any unpleasant surprises. For many years, we have also worked for public authorities, housing associations and architects.

I'm of course available on Saturdays and Sundays (even after 18:00 clock) as a sign of my commitment to your busy work schedules.

I look forward to your call and will take great pleasure in working towards our common goal.