Pond Constructon and pond plants in horticulture

Flowing water soothes us and a quiet refletive water surface calms us.

Koi Fische und Koi Karpfen im kristallklaren Wasser einer Teichanlage

Water can be many forms and variations, included as a well, as a spring, a gentle stream, as well as fountains or bubbling stream and natural pond. Both swimming pools and Koi ponds are a modern architetural design element in pond construction. Equally popular, the goldfish pond, birdbath, rockpool and the pond lighting creating atmospheric features.

Whatever water landscaping you may choose, the benefits for you and your garden will be enormous. I go so far as to say, with the intigration of water, your garden will come to life.

We have exstensive experience in handling and construction of various ponds and streams. In the pond construction, the correct use of sorce rocks and water features and their acoustics, is one of our specialities.

One important thing to know, whatever may have been already read or heard,

Normal garden ponds are never natural habitats.

There is no such thing, at least not permantly, of a small pond 20-40 qm maintaining clear water, without the use of technology and special expertise.

However, we can help these ponds with clear water, we know the key factors in pond construction and the technology necessary to make the pond a durable, clear, lively oasis.

Of course we are also able to correct existing, perhaps malfunctioning ponds, to attain a balance.

We have built ponds of various size and types, from very small up to 2500 sqm, with integrated island and beach.

My hobby for over 10 years is to keep Koi in healthy clear waters. In fact, I would go as far as to say, pond construction is my favourite thing in the highly diverse tasks in gardening and landscaping.

Be assured we wont dig a hole, line it, throw in gravel and call it a pond. Unfortuneatly I see all too many of these disastrouse attempts.

Take advantage of our exstensive experience in pond construction.

Let yourself be surprised and inspired, with Water and what we can make with it.